As you visit our website we expect you learn competitive difference of our company in engineering excellence.

HYUNDAI AUTO CHILLER has been engaged in only single line like refrigerators. We have been concentrating on one item only, the chiller, to maintain the highest level of quality and assurance.

Since established in 1983, this strategic single line project has successfully brought our company a reputation for providing high standard of quality in products and services to our customers for 40 years. Accordingly, strong and honest relationships have been established between customers and our company for four decades, which importantly contributed to success of our company.

We obtained the patent on a New Device No.105768 and No.121300 respectively in 1997, and the Registration of Design No.170829 in 1994 for the refrigerant tubing and the refrigeratory.
Besides, in order to provide our consumers with better products, we obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification on 29 December 1999, while supplying the products in Korean domestic market, and now we are expediting to make headway into the overseas market after having obtained the CE certification for entering the Europe market and then obtain the NRTL for pushing into the American market.

The reputation of HYUNDAI AUTO CHILLER continues to grow
as a brand recognized for the standard of endurance and quality. To stay a head of its competition, we will continue to exert much more efforts for R&D until we become the best chiller manufacturer in the world by improving our existing offerings and meeting new needs in the market with cooling concerns from beginning to end.

As always, we ask for your unwavering support and wish your home and company full of peace and happiness.

Thank you.

CEO Yong Woo Chung