Auto Chiller’s Special Advantage

Providing the best energy saving solution

Inverter Chiller (High performance energy saving chiller)
Innovative solution for energy savings of more than 30% compared to constant chiller.
Application of BLDC Inverter Compressor, Condenser Fan Motor and Electronic expansion valve.
Optimal control of the amount of refrigerant and compression in response to cooling maximum / minimum load.
Produced the evaporator by ourself with Utility Model Patent No. 121300
Type of evaporator (Heat exchanger)
For penetrating into water (Installing the evaporator in the water tank)
Shell & Tube Type
※Appropriate type can be selected according to the company's facility, and water tank is to be selected in proportion to the rate of water flow.
Designed in centralized multi-functional discharge method, both low and high temperature are available with one chiller.
Operating temperature range -60℃~300℃
Oil Cooled Type Chiller Series
High performance and efficiency are proved by new oil cooling method.
Applied the waterproof type enabling external installation